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We just uploaded 450 HD logoless screencaps of Mel from episode 5 of Glee that aired a few days ago. Be sure to check them out! Melissa (or Marley) sure know how to rock the stage.

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Melissa will be on MTV’s 10 on Top today (November 10) at 12:30!

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Treat! With the Glee hiatus finally coming to a close (Damn it’s been a rough five weeks!), rumors are swirling all over the interwebs regarding our favorite New Directioners returning to Lima for the holidays. To help get things straight, I caught up with the beautiful Melissa Benoist, and she was kind enough to dish details about the vibe on set. “It’s been really exciting! There is a new energy around,” she says. “It’s, like, buzzing and the writing has been awesome.” Benoist says that Marley will have the pleasure of interacting with all of the original Glee club members, but there is one actress in particular that was absolutely delightful. The 24-year-old says, “Meeting everyone has been great. I met Dianna Agron for the first time and she’s, like, the loveliest, most beautiful person inside and out.” Agreed. So fans can share in our distain to learn that Quinn will be dating a not-so-nice fells when we finally see her again. In a recent Twitter Q&A,Ryan Murphy revealed that the Yale student will have “[A] new boyfriend. And not a good one. Santana (Naya Rivera) is vey unhappy. #slapheardroundtheworld” Yikes! For me, this is just yet another reason why Quinn should transfer to NYU and be with Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer)! Please excuse me while I say a quick prayer to the TV Gods…

Let’s move on to a happier topic shall we? One word: Jarley. They’re more adorable than a basket full of kittens and now that Jake (Jacob Artist) is back on the market, many fans are dying to see these two newbies make it official. But Benoist warns that it won’t exactly be a smooth transition from friend to girlfriend. She explains, “They definitely have a road ahead of them in terms of their relationship. Maybe a bumpy one, maybe one with some obstacles, but there is no romance if there is no challenge.” Awww. And speaking of challenges, it seems that in a very Rachel Berry-esque move, Marley has decided that she wants to be the lead in the upcoming school musical Grease. “She’s stepping it up,” she says. “She’s growing a pair and she definitely is really motivated to get Sandy. That’s the only part she wants and and she’s going to work as hard as she has to to get it.” But who else is ready to dig her claws into the part of Sandra Dee? Kitty (Becca Tobin), of course! Ooh I’m sensing a McKinley High cat-fight is in our future in addition to a “really fun” Marley/Kitty duet.


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“I am a recycling Nazi,” says Becca Tobin, who joined the cast of “Glee” this season as Kitty. “I’m the girl who asks where you are putting a plastic bottle. I also try to cut out buying bottled water so I use a Brita filter. I wanted a Prius, but that didn’t work out, because I had to get a car quickly,” she adds. “But my next car will definitely be a hybrid.”

Her castmate Melissa Benoist (Marley) supports environmental charities. “I donate monthly to the Wildlife Conservation Society, and at Christmas I make an even bigger donation. I’ve been doing that the last couple years, and I love what they do.”


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People’s Choice Awards 2013 Nominee Voting has been opened so now fans can vote for their favorites to help narrow down the nominee list from 12 to 5 per category. All you need to do is keep voting for Melissa and her show “Glee” as often as you have time for until November 2 so they can officially be nominated for the awards!

They will announce the official nominees on November 15.

Currently “Glee” is listed under :

  • Favorite Network TV Comedy
  • Favorite TV Fan Following (for Gleeks)

Note that you can also suggest a name in the ‘Other’ box if you don’t see it on the list.

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