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I’ve added 9 HQ photos of Melissa filming Supergirl on March 10, 2015


mbo_Supergirl-Set150310_009.jpg mbo_Supergirl-Set150310_003.jpg mbo_Supergirl-Set150310_004.jpg mbo_Supergirl-Set150310_006.jpg

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March 11, 2015Belle1 Comment

I’ve added 19 photos of Melissa on the set of Supergirl yesterday!


mbo_Supergirl-Set150309_002.jpg mbo_Supergirl-Set150309_003.jpg mbo_Supergirl-Set150309_015.jpg mbo_Supergirl-Set150309_007.jpg

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March 10, 2015BelleNo Comments

I’ve added 18 HQ photos of Melissa filming Supergirl on March 06!


mbo_Supergirl-Set150306_003.jpg mbo_Supergirl-Set150306_002.jpg mbo_Supergirl-Set150306_009.jpg mbo_Supergirl-Set150306_015.jpg

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March 08, 2015BelleNo Comments

I’ve added the first photos of Melissa in costume for Supergirl to the gallery in HQ! The costume was designed by Oscar winning designer Colleen Atwood, who also designs for The Flash and Arrow.


mbo_Supergirl-Promotional_001.jpg mbo_Supergirl-Promotional_002.jpg

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March 07, 2015BelleNo Comments