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Melissa was featured on the January issue of the SFX magazine of January 2017. Feel free to check them out by using our gallery!

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Melissa is the new cover for the November issue of the Entertainment Weekly magazine along with Grant Gustin (The Flash) and Stephen Amell (Arrow). We have the cover page on our gallery, hopefully we will have the entire issue scanned on our gallery. Plus, on this issue is revealed the CW Superheroes crossover!

Regarding the magazine scan, you can find the cover page on our gallery! Feel free to browse it.

EW posted an article related to the crossover, entiteled This Week’s Cover: CW superheroes crossover revealed.

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It’s impossible to ignore the natural charisma of Melissa Benoist, whose dynamic performance as Marley Rose has made her the star to watch among the divas at Glee‘s William McKinley High. Ironically, her first day on set was more like those she spent as a shy student in Denver. “It was a choir scene, and I don’t think I said a word,” she admits. “At school, when it came to being social, I had no idea how to do it.”

Fast-forward a year, and the 24-year-old has transformed into a confident leading lady, belting out showstopping performances of classics like “New York State of Mind” and “You’re All I Need to Get By.” Her charm is so infectious it won over the heart of costar Blake Jenner, the Danny to her Sandy, both on and off the screen.

We clicked on his first day, during a ‘Born to Hand Jive’ dance rehearsal,” Melissa gushes about her real-life romance with Jenner, who plays fellow New Directions member Ryder on the show. “I love talking about it. Blake is amazing!” Despite being all giggles at the mention of his name, she firmly asserts that this is more than just a crush. “The chemistry you see with Marley and Ryder is not acting.”

Glee creator Ryan Murphy envisioned Marley as a relatable girl next door who would face problems common to many teens. “My first week, he said Marley would struggle with an eating disorder,” she remembers. Though conquering such issues on screen is emotionally draining, she says it’s also rewarding. “I still get letters from girls telling me I’ve given them hope. It’s awesome.” She’s come a long way from her days spent watching Judy Garland films with her grandma, but she knows future success isn’t guaranteed. “It’s all extremely hard,” Melissa says of shooting up to seventeen hours at a time. “But if you work your butt off and never settle, nothing will stop you.”


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Melissa was featured in the recent issue of TV Guide (February 25 – March 10, 2013) and Kelly was kind enough to donate a scan from the magazine. Take a read of the feature on our gallery.

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Melissa is in February 2013’s Elle magazine! Thanks to my friend Alice, I’ve added scans.


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Glee’s Christmas episode is featured in last week’s issue of TV Guide and we have the high quality scans for you in the gallery.

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