If Supergirl had gone on for more than six seasons, the series would have continued without its titular Girl of Steel.

At the Ultimate Crisis convention, new details were revealed regarding Supergirl‘s final season. Originally, the Arrowverse series was set to conclude with Season 7. However, since “the cast was tired, they merged it with the sixth.” Jessica Queller, who was a writer on Supergirl for the first three seasons and an executive producer on the last three, reportedly pitched a Kara-less Season 7 to The CW, but the network turned down the idea. No additional details were revealed regarding what Season 7 of Supergirl would have looked like without Melissa Benoist’s Kara Danvers.

Supergirl premiered on CBS in 2015 but moved to The CW after Season 1. The DC series ran for 126 episodes across six seasons with the series finale being released in November 2021. The two-part series finale, titled “Kara,” ended with Kara Danvers becoming CatCo’s new editor-in-chief and revealing her identity as Supergirl to the world through an exclusive televised interview with Cat Grant. Benoist played Kara Danvers/Supergirl in all six seasons of Supergirl as well as several crossover appearances in The Flash and other Arrowverse series.

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