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  1. Please forgive the length of this “comment” Melissa. As you read on in it. You will know why it is. Wouldn’t mind if your hubbie would also with you. This is about both of you. Nothing bad! PROMISE. Is all serious and important. I sadly, can prove everything I claim in this. Who the hell would believe me otherwise without proof?

    Have loved your series from the beginning. I paid close enough attention to see those deep meanings. Those messages, so many from you were brilliant. Eventually I will use those messages to heal the nation. Melissa, we need to make you a REAL symbol of America. For ALL women everywhere. The young ladies, girls, etc. You ARE an American symbol they can believe in. In the times that come in the future of America, when women remember who they are. They will need leaders, symbols, that perfect morality you radiate. Also. THANK GODDESS you’re a Democrat! 🥰 Tried to tell you that on Twitter. But people like me get creepy digistalked by repugnant party “admins”. Been out to get me since 2016. When I and a few others made #TheResistance… Grew to be seven nations… They did not like that… No the orange antichrist did not. We… Had a few arguments on Twitter… Someone stole my original account name on there. I guess because Gwyneth Paltro and Robert Downey Jr. followed me… Blah! I am probably the only one that EVER blocked Taylor Swift… Ugh! Thought it was some impersonator! Taylor 13 or something. She IS part of #TheResistance, but umm… Never forgave me for that… Rosie Odonald(sp?) is her friend… Blocked me too for that! Hmmm. One other one… See they probably would not have even known I existed. Sigh, she talked about her concerts, etc. Blocked her and reported her as a fake account! UGH! Anyway… They “perm suspended” (there is NO such thing in their “rules”) Doesn’t matter they broke their OWN rules. Nancy Pelosi used to follow my second one. As did thousands… Had even Greta Thunberg following me, The free-Syrian news media. Hah, Devin Cow. Am sure he still remembers me. Oh, I am @_Delathor_ and @Delathor_ on Twitter… Well, says I am suspended now. If you don’t mind, I am explaining that part for a reason. Because this task MUST go on. Our #TheResistance. mcconnell literally hates me. Am proud! dimbald twitler knows me now from Twitter. Hah, here’s a formula he HATES. 🍊+🍓=🍌
    Hahah. Nice? Used to share our movement in 7 different languages(google translate, hah) The nations that stood up to their dictatorships. Am proud and also sad not all of them were successful. Russia, China for instance… I was SO proud of them. Yeah, some of your stories I do for real. Of course not even close to being as effective. Before the 6th… They were going to do TWO Insurrections at the SAME TIME. No news knows of this. Government agencies, military(talk to official American Military news daily). The second one was going to be the White House. Connecting tunnels underground. Remember when that EVIL 🍊 went down to “check the bunker”. THAT is where the tunnels come in from. Chopping down the one side of the lawn was for eye-sight on area of approach. Reinforced to KEEP it. Not from the citizens. Beginning to understand why we need a symbol? I found the encoded FB videos of their “communication” between groups. They were planting bombs. But I stopped them from boebett. Treason. Can account for and prove repugnant party QOP(There is NOTHING ‘grand’ about them!) cruz is a Cuban, went to Cuba on his “trip to Cancun”(CLOSEST city to Cuba with direct flights) mccarthy is literally pretty much nuts. There has been Russian spies keeping in contact with Wisconsin repugnant party “politicians”. Sigh. I live here. INCLUDING ron johnson(NEVER made it in office legally)… WHY are they trying to silence me on Social media? Well, as you can see. This is one of those BIG parts. I trust you both. You and your hubbie. I can not tell you how much respect he has earned from me. About the mentally disabled. Want to be heroes in real life? Yes, I am 100% serious. Government already came to me for one of those “special” positions. Wanted me to go to Afghanistan because I ALSO know what that red repugnant party is doing there, Iran, Kurds, ISIS, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia. Yeah, I know a lot. Ready for the kind of frightening kicker? Please forgive me for letting you know that the SARS_CoV-2 is a biological weapon, manmade. They just made ANOTHER one. That the vaccines don’t work on. It is called an “antigenic shift”. Also have a degree from Purdue University in Infectious Diseases and Medical Sterilization recognized world wide. I KNOW what I am talking about. Yes, already told the FBI,CIA,USAF,Obama,Biden. I want to talk to truly moral souls. I know both of you are. I can share everything I know with you two. Gladly, also, I have one specific thing I want to talk to him about. A medicine I just made that can help prevent dementia, brain abnormalities. Nothing like it exists. Ended up finding a second medication out of that research. (20 years, btw) The second is an antidepressant unlike I have ever had. Well, what’s going on does not make me particularly cheerful. I will give you my email and my cell phone #. It’s the 3rd time I had to change it. So if you’d please not give it out to anyone else. Thanks! Oh I know I will hear from you both. This is a big deal. Disabled my account on Liker, Suspended my account on Twitter, have me in FB jail at this moment for a month. Did that to me the last time around the 6th! Yeah, that is the reason. Been cutting me off on TikTok often. But none of this prevents the good guys. That is 100% who we are. Am here to stop the tyranny of the repugnant party’s mafia like oppression. Felt I needed a rather thorough explanation and history to this. My account on FB is Michael Delathor. My real last name is Seder. Original last name before they “shortened” it was Sederholm. Do you know what that means? Am sure you will check. Look for Seder. Holm means “House of” I put my # in Website. Can take the time to email me, can call me if you would like also. Typing the “whole deal” in email would be a personal nightmare. TTYT

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