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After uploading some missing stills and caps, I’m happy to say that the Glee section of the gallery is now completely up to date!


mbo_4x09_01.jpg mbo_4x10_01.jpg mbo_glee409-209.jpg mbo_glee410-078.jpg

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December 23, 2012BelleNo Comments

I’ve added 180 HD screencaps of Melissa in last night’s Glee episode!

mbo_S04E08_018.jpg mbo_S04E08_032.jpg mbo_S04E08_099.jpg mbo_S04E08_114.jpg

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November 30, 2012BelleNo Comments

I’ve added over 400 HD (1080p) screencaps from Melissa’s season four promotional EPK video. She looks adorable!


mbo_S4EPK_053.jpg mbo_S4EPK_158.jpg mbo_S4EPK_349.jpg mbo_S4EPK_422.jpg

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November 29, 2012BelleNo Comments

Logoless screen captures from the “Glease” episode are now available in our gallery in HD!

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Movies and Television > Glee (2012 – ) > Season 4 (2012-2013) > Episode Screencaps > 4×06 – Glease

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November 14, 2012BelleNo Comments

We just uploaded 450 HD logoless screencaps of Mel from episode 5 of Glee that aired a few days ago. Be sure to check them out! Melissa (or Marley) sure know how to rock the stage.

Gallery Links:
Movies and Television > Glee (2012 – ) > Season 4 (2012-2013) > Episode Screencaps > 4×05 – The Role You Were Born To Play

November 12, 2012BelleNo Comments

I’ve added four HQ stills of Melissa in the upcoming Glee episode, “The Role You Were Born To Play”. This episode airs on November 8th!


mbo_04x05_001.jpg mbo_04x05_002.jpg mbo_04x05_003.jpg mbo_04x05_004.jpg

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